Well Hello There Snarky…

Dear Sherry (aka Snarky in the Suburbs),

While the world wondered who you were you ranted about everything in the burbs that irked you in a way that made some readers incensed but the majority entranced. Blogging anonymously (which I’ve never had the luxury of doing since I wrote for a newspaper first), gave you the ability to candidly write about the world around you that was uber-honest and funny as hell. We all have neighbors like Mrs. Snarky’s Neighborhood, we just can’t out them online lest they throw flaming bags of dog poop on our porches later. Because you were hidden behind a 32 ounce Diet Coke sitting quietly in our backyard you could.

Everyone thought you lived in their neighborhood. Knew their friends and enemies. Understood why it was so important to not be that cool mom and just be your old middle aged self-cankles and all. So most could relate. And, the moms that couldn’t probably saw more than a little truth in your observations or they just chose to rock their Miss Me jeans and move on.

When you came out this week (sounds almost a little dirty), the world saw your face for the first time (you are lovely BTW) and then I’m sure there was a little shock for many residents of Johnson County Kansas (in full disclosure I did know who you were. I just kept my mouth shut and giggled). You just happened to be their neighbor and when you weren’t writing hypothetically as you say you were in your new book, they just may have been featured (which has me wondering if you’ve had a spike in site traffic as there are probably many overly-thin women scouring the posts while eating boxes of donuts).

I will miss the candor of your blog, however, I enjoy the fiction that you are creating now with the experiences that you’ve had. I look forward to watching your show on ABC to see how they translate all that snark into 30 minutes of story line every week that will hopefully have all of us who are stuck in the burbs something to laugh about. Best of luck to you and thanks for giving all of us middle aged bloggers hope that there’s something bigger out there.




About debcb

All Deb wanted to do was work, until she had Rosie. For the past decade, she's juggled a full-time career, high-profile volunteer work and mommyhood.


  1. Sweet Deb you would not believe the spike it was almost the most blog hits I have ever received in one day. I did “scrub” my blog before I “came out” so basically most of the my posts that are left are the one were I make fun of myself. Luckily, one neighbor moved to Nebraska and another to Georgia so it’s all good. I must let you know the sitcom thing is a long road fraught with peril. ABC has optioned the TV and movie rights but one never knows if a sitcom will end on the air or if what ends up on the air will even bear a vague resemblance to all my Snarky tales. As a FYI to all the bloggers out there the networks, production companies and studios read blogs, lots and lots of blogs so keep writing.

    • I was honest.I will miss the blog. But, I wish you much success. Whether a show or movie ever air it’s very exciting. Too bad we didn’t hook up last weekend at the dance convention. We could’ve had a very snarky time. LOL

      • I want to write a book that takes place during a 3 day dance convention. It would probably write itself. Oh and I will still be blogging. Just probably more about me being an idiot and less about other people.

  2. I figured you’d still blog but it won’t be the same when I can’t see my Joco neighbors in vivid detail. I have a character for your book. Five years ago we were at a dance comp and there was a rather rotund dad with a pink mohawk sporting a “Dance Dad” wife beater as he carted all the props on and off stage.

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