New Year’s Revolution

“Hey Mama are you going to make a New Year’s Revolution?” Rosie asked from the front seat of the car barely looking up from her cell phone.

I chuckled as I said, “It’s ‘resolution’ Rosie and no I’m not.”

“What’s the difference?” She inquired?

“A revolution is where you overthrow a government,” I said not really knowing if that was a relevant example for a tween who’s only experience with the word comes from a Step Up movie. I continued: “A resolution is a promise that you make to yourself at the start of the year. Like losing weight. Problem is most people don’t keep them so they’re worthless.”

I looked over to see if she was listening but she’d already tuned me out and tuned Justin Bieber in on Instagram. I gave out a heavy sigh and then began to think. What did I want to do differently in 2013? I really didn’t want to make a bullshit resolution that I couldn’t keep. But this year needed to be much different than 2012.

I thought about Rosie’s question and wondered was there more meaning to the word “revolution?” Should I take a peek and see if there’s another meaning that I was missing? Was there a reason that we had this conversation? So I did. And here’s what I found:

Graphic courtesy of

Graphic courtesy of

Yes, a revolution is the overthrow of a government but it’s also a complete change or gettting back to a starting point. I had to laugh. Just last week I made a decision that I felt was much needed and was going to place me back where it all began- to the original career decision I made over 20 years ago.

You see, although I loved to write, I chose another path in college because I didn’t want to hate what I loved to do (the sad part of that is I wound up not writing for almost 20 years). So, I chose television production then advertising and embarked on my journey at the KC Star. Later on, after wearing out my first career, I moved into the financial world. I did a stint as a mommy blogger on Eight years into my insurance gig I was bored watching everything going on with social media and I moved back into advertising. That’s when I lost two dream jobs and here I am now.

I have few options.

  1. I can take a sales job (which I’m good at) and sell a copier, payroll or any number of things that aren’t fascinating to me because we need the health insurance and I need an income.
  2. I can wait for a great fit and sit on unemployment for a while which will povide the income to make the COBRA payment.
  3. Or, I can make a New Year’s Revolution and go out and find the income on my own, be happy and do something I love.

I choose #3.

I love to write. I love to help people promote, understand marketing and am fairly adept at social media. So, in 2013 I am going to start a social media consulting business. I’ve already spoken to a couple of  businesses that will refer clients to me that want someone to manage their online presence or need someone to blog. I will be thier voice.

I’m still batting around ideas for what to call this business (if you have ideas I’d love to hear them) but I do have a tagline- “marketing in a conversation age.” And, I will be doing something that I am passionate about (and that I have a proven track record in through my past blogging and online promotion of the Nutcracker Tea Party and all my Plum District and LivingSocial offers). So there it is. My New Year’s Revolution.

Now, if only I could lose weight, get in better shape and clean the garage. Those would be resolutions. And, I’d be unable to keep them. Better stick with one I can.

About debcb

All Deb wanted to do was work, until she had Rosie. For the past decade, she's juggled a full-time career, high-profile volunteer work and mommyhood.


  1. Kate Erickson says:

    Sounds like a perfect fit! I am hopeful that every bad thing that happens in a career gets you to the next point; that there truly is a reason for everything- for you and so many of us.
    I love the idea of taking control of your destiny. Lord knows in Corp America you can’t have that control.
    I can’t wait to hear about your journey….! Cheers to 2013…
    Your 5 day co-worker, Kate

  2. Sounds exciting! Best of luck!

  3. Name it after yourself. Have you read “The Brand Called You?”
    We should talk. Perhaps we could trade services.

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