New Year’s Revolution

“Hey Mama are you going to make a New Year’s Revolution?” Rosie asked from the front seat of the car barely looking up from her cell phone.

I chuckled as I said, “It’s ‘resolution’ Rosie and no I’m not.”

“What’s the difference?” She inquired?

“A revolution is where you overthrow a government,” I said not really knowing if that was a relevant example for a tween who’s only experience with the word comes from a Step Up movie. I continued: “A resolution is a promise that you make to yourself at the start of the year. Like losing weight. Problem is most people don’t keep them so they’re worthless.”

I looked over to see if she was listening but she’d already tuned me out and tuned Justin Bieber in on Instagram. I gave out a heavy sigh and then began to think. What did I want to do differently in 2013? I really didn’t want to make a bullshit resolution that I couldn’t keep. But this year needed to be much different than 2012.

I thought about Rosie’s question and wondered was there more meaning to the word “revolution?” Should I take a peek and see if there’s another meaning that I was missing? Was there a reason that we had this conversation? So I did. And here’s what I found:

Graphic courtesy of

Graphic courtesy of

Yes, a revolution is the overthrow of a government but it’s also a complete change or gettting back to a starting point. I had to laugh. Just last week I made a decision that I felt was much needed and was going to place me back where it all began- to the original career decision I made over 20 years ago.

You see, although I loved to write, I chose another path in college because I didn’t want to hate what I loved to do (the sad part of that is I wound up not writing for almost 20 years). So, I chose television production then advertising and embarked on my journey at the KC Star. Later on, after wearing out my first career, I moved into the financial world. I did a stint as a mommy blogger on Eight years into my insurance gig I was bored watching everything going on with social media and I moved back into advertising. That’s when I lost two dream jobs and here I am now.

I have few options.

  1. I can take a sales job (which I’m good at) and sell a copier, payroll or any number of things that aren’t fascinating to me because we need the health insurance and I need an income.
  2. I can wait for a great fit and sit on unemployment for a while which will povide the income to make the COBRA payment.
  3. Or, I can make a New Year’s Revolution and go out and find the income on my own, be happy and do something I love.

I choose #3.

I love to write. I love to help people promote, understand marketing and am fairly adept at social media. So, in 2013 I am going to start a social media consulting business. I’ve already spoken to a couple of  businesses that will refer clients to me that want someone to manage their online presence or need someone to blog. I will be thier voice.

I’m still batting around ideas for what to call this business (if you have ideas I’d love to hear them) but I do have a tagline- “marketing in a conversation age.” And, I will be doing something that I am passionate about (and that I have a proven track record in through my past blogging and online promotion of the Nutcracker Tea Party and all my Plum District and LivingSocial offers). So there it is. My New Year’s Revolution.

Now, if only I could lose weight, get in better shape and clean the garage. Those would be resolutions. And, I’d be unable to keep them. Better stick with one I can.


Neiman Marcus at Target? For me it’s a miss

“Oh, Mama” Rosie squealed. “Come look at this dress. It’s beautiful!”

Since we were at Target I didn’t have very high expectations of the frock but I thought “what the hell” and turned to get a look. I expected to see a brightly colored, highly flammable dress with sequins and some kind of large bow. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a flowing, off-white beaded gown that was not only tasteful but quite beautiful.

Yes. It's beautiful. And, it's Marchesa. At Target. !

Yes. It’s beautiful. And, it’s Marchesa. At Target!

Thinking it might be perfect for a dressy event (we are getting harder to shop for now that we don’t have little girl taste), I went over to check it out. It was quite honestly gorgeous. So, I went to check the price. I was more than a little shocked.

“Rosie, this dress is $99 bucks. Can you believe that?” and I held out the tag so she could see.

“Are you sure you read that right? Maybe it’s $49.99 and you’re just seeing the nines,” she said grabbing the tag.

Her eyes got real wide (I think that’s the true definition of sticker shock). Then she dropped the tag like it burnt her hand and backed away real fast. I had to laugh.

That’s when we started to look around the section. Finally it hit me that this must be one of the designer options for the holidays. I remembered reading that Target was partnering with Nieman Marcus this season.

DISCLAIMER: Before you read any further, please note that I am not a fashion blogger nor do I play one on TV. I know very little about designers and I live in the Midwest so by the time I purchase anything designer, it’s already out of style on both coasts. I’m just a mom who shops at Target. Do not judge. 

Marc Jacobs at Target. Yes, that zip top clutch is $69

Marc Jacobs at Target. Yes, that zip top clutch is $69

I think (and so does the Rosebud) that many of the Neiman Marcus items are a big marketing miss. Think about it. Why do people go to Target? To save money (and it’s a step up in quality from Wal Mart without protesters outside). Here’s an entire collection of gift items that are two to four times as much as the average Target merchandise. In the middle of the country, the displays are full. So I wondered who’s buying?

I REALLY wanted to know who was buying this.

I REALLY wanted to know who was buying this.

Curious (and still unemployed so I had the time) I went online I checked out this Tracy Reese blouse first because in my Target there were no takers- it was on a full rack. Shockingly, it was rated nearly four stars and women were raving about how beautiful it was even though it was ill fitting. However, it did not surprise me that most of the women that purchased were in large cities on either coast.

Rosie and I had a great time checking it all out and for us, the collection is a miss. First on price and second because we wouldn’t be caught dead in many of the items. Especially this hat. Living in big hunting country, I’d be very afraid….

This Skaist Taylor kid's hat looks warm but....

This Skaist Taylor kid’s hat looks warm but….

Dear Blog Friends

Dear Blog Friends

Bieber on the House- Day Five

Bieber on the House- Day Five

“Put on your yamicha. It’s time for Chanuka!”

Bieber on the House- Day Four

Bieber on the House- Day Four

“Man, these are good. And, they were left here just for me. Pop Chips for the pop star. Swaggy!”

Bieber on the House- Day Three

Bieber on the House- Day Three

“Yeah. I love you like a love song Baby…”

Bieber in the House- Day Two

Bieber in the House- Day Two

“Girl, I’m gonna tell you one time. There’s only room in this house for ONE star. I had to do it…”

Hey, you? Can you help me find a job?

A few months ago I was laid off from my dream job at an internet start up. The very next morning I applied for the position that I just lost last Thursday at another, more mature internet start-up (Ironically, I turned down a couple of positions in-between because I thought they were too risky. Little did I know). So yes, I have been fired twice in the past four months. Ouch.

I knew I was losing my job that morning as I read the dreaded “we must make cuts” email because I was the last salesperson hired in a market with too many bodies. So, the 15 minute call with HR did not come as a surprise (I even called my hubby three hours before to announce that I was losing my job but I’d be fine). However, the irony of the situation (thank you Alanis Morrisette for writing a song about my life) was not lost on me. Who the hell loses two jobs in less than six months?

Long story short, I am back on the market (before all you people tell me to go into business for myself, I must remind you that I am our benefit package and have no choice but to find a real job, preferably not in a cube farm where I can best use my skill set). And, I know that after working in sales for over 20 years and the fact that it’s December (the best time of the year to find a job) that it’s not going to be easy to find the right fit. I’ve already looked on CareerBuilder and LinkedIn and I’m starting to think I’m doomed.

So what do you do in 2012 to find the perfect position when they are few and far between? You reach out to your network. Luckily, I have a broad one in KC. But, as I’ve learned from the past year, I can work for a company anywhere in the country as long as I have an unlimited data plan and a computer (and I really enjoy working in my jammies). So, I’m reaching out to my virtual network as well.

I am a well connected, amazing salesperson (and I am modest too). I am a hunter and am not afraid to cold call, yet I have the solid relationship and organizational skills needed to maintain a large book of business. I am well versed in social media and marketing and have already been contacted to do some freelance training in that area while I look for a permanent position. I’ve also trained, developed and managed people in two different industries.  You can check out my Linked In profile here. And, here’s a copy of my latest resume.

So friends, I’d like a little help (and hopefully one day, I’ll be able to do the same for you). I’d like to start the new year in a new job. And, I’d love it if you’d pass my info along. You never know where it may lead.

No Elf of the Shelf for us. It’s Bieber on the house!

No Elf of the Shelf for us. It's Bieber on the house!

I feel totally left out watching all the other moms have Elf on the Shelf fun. What do you do when your kid no longer believes but they’re a Belieber? Justin on the house. Now, let’s see if she can make the nice list….

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