Barely surviving Bieber’s break-up

“Oh my God!” Rosie screams into the phone. “Have you heard the news? I can’t believe she would do this to him.”

Kicking back listening, you would’ve thought she was talking about the most popular middle school couple. The one that’s secretly “going out” but everyone knows they like each other because they are both so popular and cool that they are on tween-dar (yes, that is radar for the under 13 set) all day long. Since Rosie seemed to know all the nitty gritty surrounding the couple (and when I eavesdropped it sounded like she knew them really well), I wasn’t that interested. Until she had the same conversation with at least 20 more friends. And, each time it got a little more dramatic.

“It was his first true love,” she whispered to one BFF.

“I can’t believe she’d just break up with him when he’s out of town,” she lamented to another.

“He dedicated a whole day to her. Flew across the country…”

Okay. That got my interest. Yes, we go to a middle school with some privileged kids, but a twelve year-old that can afford to hop a plane. Hmmmm….

“Rosie,” I said. “I hate to butt in. But who are you talking about?”

“OH MAMA,” she started sobbing. “You won’t believe it. Selena dumped Justin.”

Um. No. I didn’t believe it. And not because I thought the 20-something Disney star and the nearly out-of-his-teens pop star would ever amount to anything more than a publicity stunt. I was stunned that these kids were talking about them like they knew all the intimate details of their lives. Like they were friends.

When I was a kid, I occasionally popped for a Teen Beat magazine but that was as close as I got to any stars. Today, these kids have the virtual world, and even though I’ve adhered the the rules on Facebook that Rosie must be 13, I did let her go on Instagram when she got her new phone last month. And, guess who she immediately followed- the Biebs.

She also found an app that she can follow all his tweets even though she’s not allowed to go on Twitter yet. So essentially, she tracks his every move. And, when the break up happened with Selena, she read his heartbreak live. And she and her Besties felt every ounce of his pain. For days.

A couple days after the big announcement of the relationship’s demise, I happened across a little blurb on the internet that I found rather interesting. It seems that Selena had some trust issues while Justin was away on tour. And, that might have been caused by a Victoria’s Secret model.  Yes, rumor had it that the Biebs cheated.

I thought about telling Rosie. Especially since it might stop a little bit of the Bieber chatter around the house. If he wasn’t the poor mistreated dumpee anymore, maybe some of the “Poor Justin’s” would stop. However, after mulling it over for an afternoon, I decided not to tell. If she came across it online, so be it. (BTW, she did and of course it wasn’t Justin’s fault).

The chatter around the breakup has started to fade a little, but the Bieber obsession continues. And, since all these lovesick tweens can follow his every move online, I don’t think it’s going away any time soon. Especially since word on the net last week was that he proposed to Selena in an attempt to get her back (there’s nothing more endearing to a 12 year-old than that). God help us all.


About debcb

All Deb wanted to do was work, until she had Rosie. For the past decade, she's juggled a full-time career, high-profile volunteer work and mommyhood.

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