I remember when Rosie was little and we’d wait patiently for every milestone to hit and then carefully log them in her baby book. (For those of you that don’t know, we were developmentally delayed with our large motor skills so every little crawl, step and skip was a big deal. And, they were all late so it seemed to take FOREVER.) Time seemed to move slowly for us. But we were patient.

Flash forward nearly 12 years and time seems to move at lightning speed. It seems these days that every new experience that my child has, that she is eternally changed. She matures just the slightest bit. And, the little girl that hid behind my skirt for years, is just a faint memory to me now. There’s a vibrant, over-achieving tween in her place.

This week was a life changing one at the CB home. First, we got our braces (which I must say they’ve made incredible progress since I sat for 4 hours getting mine on in the 80’s but ask any kid, they still suck). It’s interesting to me how putting a little metal on a kid’s teeth can transform them from an older looking little girl to one that can now easily pass for a teenager. In little over an hour, my baby no longer looked like one and since she didn’t sound like herself either (talking with a mouthful of metal is kind of hard at first) all the cuddly, warm little girl images I had of her in my mind were transformed.

Then yesterday Rosie joined the Junior program at the Glenda Brown project for a week at UMKC. She’d dance for a great part of the day and then audit the choreography. However, with only two in the Juniors they decided that they were strong enough to learn the choreography and perform. Me (being the mother of the year) counted on the fact that she’d actually have to watch. So, I didn’t get a sub for tennis (that in itself is a completely different blog on how many colossal mistakes I can make as a mom). Anyhoo, long story short, the child that came home last night, was not the child that left in the morning. Rosie returned over 12 hours later a little more mature and thoughtful and pretty grateful that she’s had such great training.

And while Rosie was having an amazing day, I registered her for Middle School. I got her schedule and locker combo. Picked up her ugly PE shirt and took a look around. This was the place that would bring much joy (and as all of us know that survived early teenage-hood)  many tears. Where she’d make new friends (and frenemies), have her first kiss (then hopefully break HIS heart) and work her way through the tangled mess that’s well- middle school. I have to admit, I was a little sad.

Lots of milestones this week. And I know that as Rosie gets older, they’ll keep coming faster and faster. Please. Slow down for me. Just a smidge.

P.S. Sorry no pics. In a hurry. Will post soon!



What kind of mom raises The Joker?

I am completely stunned by what the media is calling the Movie Theatre Massacre (and yes, I know that the entire country is reeling with shock right now). It’s incomprehensible to me that a grad student with no prior record would walk into a packed movie theater at a midnight showing of The Dark Night Rises, bring an arsenal , fill the theater with smoke and open fire killing twelve people. Who the hell does that?

(In full disclosure, I have to reveal that one of the Executive Producers of the movie, Michael Uslan is my cousin. He is amazing. My heart is breaking for him now as I hear that movie theaters throughout the country plan to refund money for weekend showings and I read all over social media that people plan to boycott the movie. I hope that moviegoers can get over their shock and fear and return to the theater to see an excellent show.)

Anyway, back to this guy Holmes, who obviously was very angry and quite possibly psychotic. Normal people don’t announce that they’re The Joker at a filled movie theater and start shooting. And, they also don’t booby trap their apartment. The entire thing was carefully planned. But why?

Listening to the news today, I heard his family released a statement saying they were sorry for the tragedy. And then they asked for privacy (which of course, they won’t have). I can’t help but wonder. What kind of mom is she? What kind of mother raises a kid that could even contemplate such violence? Where (if ever) did she go wrong?

As moms, we raise our kids to be intelligent, loving, respectful citizens of the earth. And, most of us succeed. Hold your kids tight my friends.

Have a Coke and a Smile!

I grew up drinking Coke, so I jumped on the opportunity to attend a Blog KC event at the plant here. First, I knew it would be great company ( more on that later) but more than that I was uber-curious to find out how this amazing Atlanta-based giant was marketing to a world that had dramatically changed over the century. Once sold in a jug in a drugstore, Coke has seen incredible change in 126 years. And, let’s face it, we’re now in a world of childhood (and adult) obesity. Soda’s been getting a bad wrap. Just ask Mother Bloomberg.

A little Coke nostalgia! Remember the glass bottles?

To combat the weight wars, Coke is honest with its customers. All the calories are displayed on the front of the products and not by serving size so you have to multiply or guess- it’s right there so you know. They’ve created lines of no-calorie and low calorie drinks and do not offer their products in grade schools and have low calorie options for middle and high schools.

The girls from In the Kitchen with Audrey in front of healthy choices

They’ve also done extensive market research to find out what beverage junkies want- from water (which I’d like to point out comes in a green plant-based bottle. Technology they’ve shared with competitors) to seltzer, juice, sports drinks, and a plethora of sodas in different sizes and packaging to meet market needs. Coke has their finger on the pulse of each community that they serve.

Check out these adorable aluminum bottles. A little trivia, Warren Buffett ordered them for a party once

And, speaking of service, Coke is corporately and environmentally responsible. Take for example, their America is Your Park contest, where you can nominate and vote for your favorite park to win $100,000. Last year, a park in devastated Joplin, Missouri was one of three winners. This year, parks in Georgia and Alabama are in the lead (and need the most help after natural disasters). Voting ends today so click here and cast yours!

I have to say that the best part of my day (outside of my ice cold Coke) was sitting in a group of amazing bloggers and hearing their stories. The majority of us started writing by accident (as if there are any in life). Kris  began by posting for family. A visit to her in-laws put Audrey on a chair to make salad. A mouthful of feta cheese later, In the Kitchen with Audrey was born. Enza just wanted to save money on diapers. Her friends encouraged her to share all her tips. Nearly two years and 27,000 Facebook fans later, Enza’s Bargains is going strong. And then there’s Katie, who wanted to combat auto-immune issues and improve her health. She learned to cook and wrote a book. While she doesn’t want to be plugged as a food blogger, for those of us that want to live a little better, Healthnut Foodie is for us.

KC Blog members sharing some happiness!

I have to give a big shout out to Annie of  Mama Dweeb for putting the whole thing together for us to swap ideas. My blog’s been dark for a couple of weeks while I try and work my way through transition. With my Rosie now a tween, I can’t be a pure mommy blogger. I can’t share all her secrets anymore. And, I also can’t sit down once a week and write a piece like I did when I blogged for the Kansas City Star. The conversation for me yesterday solidified that I don’t have to write over 300 words every time I sit at the computer. I just have to write a snippet of what’s going on in my world in my voice. Thanks girls!

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