Some girls never grow up…

Recently a colleague of mine discovered that there was a pretty nasty (and somewhat false) set of emails circulating about her. A disgruntled former contractor decided to be fairly liberal with her address book and start a series of emails to a broad group of people that shouldn’t have been sent in the first place. It was a misunderstanding that could have been settled with a simple phone call or one on one meeting. Instead, she attempted to take it viral. It didn’t work.

Maybe you should pause before you hit send. Just saying…

While some of the people on the email thread jumped on the bandwagon, others read quickly through the complaints, attempted to solve the small problem and move on. Like all good businesswomen, they knew quick resolution would allow everyone to go back to the pressing matters of their day (and this, quite frankly, wasn’t one of them).

Since she didn’t  get the results she wanted, the original email sender starting sending more missives and then she did something fairly dastardly- she began to involve people higher up on the food chain. In short, she attempted to start a bunch of shit that could ruin my friend’s reputation or at the very least make her life a little difficult. All of this was made possible by the fact that all she had to do was push a button to send a message.

The internet has changed the world and email has profoundly affected the way we communicate (and don’t get me started on texting.) Most of my communication on a daily basis is in small sound bytes via email and I’m incredibly cautious to make sure that the tone is not misleading. I’m careful that it’s something important, that I pick up the phone or call a meeting. That way nothing can be misconstrued. But there are a lot of people that just don’t care how their emails are taken and many times they say things that they never would face to face or even via the telephone.

I remember middle school when all the girls hated on each other on a daily basis. In order to stir the pot, you had to do a very public smear campaign and lobby an entire group of girls to turn on another. I watched the same bully manipulate different factions of girls over and over. But, it took a lot of work. Lots of phone calls, notes and whispering in the halls.

Today if you hate someone, all you have to do is send an email. Push a button. And, since you’re hiding behind a screen, you can say anything you want and sit back and watch the devastation. That scares me for my soon-to-be  middle school daughter. Tweens have no scruples when they sit at the keyboard.

But, I digress. I’m not talking about pubescent girls who don’t understand how much they can hurt one another (or just think it’s fun). I’m talking about a grown woman who thinks it’s a kick to send emails that can cause harm to another. Apparently, she doesn’t remember the pain of being twelve and having a mean girl hate on her. Or, maybe, just maybe, she’s always been that girl and has never grown up.


Doomed frogs and tween-age pet killers

The phone rings, it’s my hubby so I answer.

“Rosie wants frogs,” he said waiting for my response. When he gets nothing but a pregnant pause, he continues.

“So, I’m off to the science store to get them. Just wanted to clear it with you. Make sure it’s okay.”

“UGH! You’re kidding right?” I replied.

Our tween Rosie has had a number of pets. There have been crabs, schools of fish and yes, even frogs. And, she’s managed to kill them all. If it requires a tank and water, it’s toast in our home (oddly enough she’s had success with furry creatures as our rat is still alive and the two dogs are just fine). So, I’m a little dumbfounded on why my hubby would even entertain bringing a small tank with swimming beings into our home.

I’ve learned in fifteen years of marriage and almost twelve years of motherhood that there are battles to fight and times that I just need to walk away. Fighting over tiny frogs is not exactly worth my time. So, I hung up and let it happen.

Two, tiny doomed frogs…

I’ve decided to turn my hubby’s poor judgment into a game just for kicks. So, I’m taking a poll on how long you’ll think they’ll last. Winner gets a $10 Plum District shopping card and bragging rights. Let the games begin.

Plum District is hiring! Apply now for the position of District Consultant – Kansas City, MO

I’m now moving my search for moms that can scour the Kansas City market for awesome offers to my blog. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky and have the perfect candidate be in the right place at the right time and click on the link. Worth a try, right?

Plum District is hiring! Apply now for the position of District Consultant – Kansas City, MO.

Eek! It’s a Blogger Chain Letter

Last week, I got the dreaded blogger chain letter (did all of you just shudder? I did). While it complimented me as one of the senders favorite bloggers (a big compliment, I must add as she’s an amazing writer herself. You can check out her blog here) it also asked things of me as all good chain letters do. And, then (GULP), it asked me to pass it along.

It took my bloggy friend Lisa Allen, the amazing single mom behind Back to Allen,  a little while to figure out her answers, tag me and send it along. So, since I like a challenge (and a deadline) I decided I’d meet it head on.

First, I’d have to come up with ten things you don’t know about me which is quite a daunting task as I’ve been writing for five years and have bared my soul about everything from losing my religion, to sex and a whole lot of parenting mishaps in-between. Then, I’d need to choose six bloggers that I admire- not difficult because I admire so many.  But first, to find things you don’t know….

  1. Barbie was never my friend. I didn’t play with her, want to look like her or understand her attraction to Ken. He looked to plasticky for me.
  2. Chicken bones make me want to hurl (and my sister too so we must be scarred from childhood). And, I’ll only eat white meat. And the entire thought of bones makes me rethink my choice not to be a vegan.
  3. I starred in my 8th grade play as the villian. I wanted to play the fair maiden. I was stunned when I looked at the cast list and discovered that I was cast as a BOY. But, as I stood on the stage and sang, I decided it didn’t matter what gender I was. The limelight felt amazing.
  4. Driving in traffic makes me squeamish. A few years ago, in pouring rain, some dude in a truck shot out my car window. Since then, I drive like a granny. And, I’m cool with that.
  5. My journalism degrees cause me to edit myself on a continuous basis. The dangling preposition in the sentence above is taunting me right now. Since I’m probably OCD too, it’s killing me to leave it there.
  6. Yes, I talk fast. But, did you ever think that maybe I don’t slow down to see if you can hang with me?
  7. I know the words to almost every song from the 80’s and it’s continued into adulthood. Rosie has inherited this genetic mutation. Too bad this skill doesn’t translate to super powers while studying for tests, card counting in Vegas or mind reading..
  8. I often heard that “I’ve never met a stranger.” Well I have. Lots of them. I’ve just made more friends. When you meet me, you’ll know which category you fall into immediately due to my 5 minute assessment.
  9. I love baths but bathtub water not so much. I only soak a few minutes before thoughts of sitting in my germs float into my mind.
  10. I want to write a book (okay you already know that about me) but I can’t decide what I’d like to write about. I am stumped.

On to my bloggers. There are so many with varying styles- journalists, photographers, foodies, frugalists- how to choose? I decided to look toward my local bloggy buddies because there is so much talent here in the Heartland. They are in no particular order and they are all amazing.

Kate, momonthedge. We have history, much of it surrounding a certain newspaper and I have a great deal of respect for her. Kate is a former reporter that can actually use adjectives. I love her writing style and the fact that she’s not afraid to attack controversial topics. Worth a read.

Kelly, Kansas City Mamas. I’ve met a lot of frugal bloggers in my time and many of them are all about the deal and not about the reader. Kelly has a balance of both in her blog and she’s a savvy businesswoman to boot. She posts quality content and is not afraid to let her readers get to know her a bit. You always know when it’s wine o’clock in Kelly’s world.

Katie , Healthnut Foodie. A cookbook author turned blogger, Katie is bright and funny and food conscious. While she doesn’t want to be pigeon-holed as a food blogger, she keeps posting these amazing vegan recipes.

Jenn, Super Jenn. This blog does it all and it puts all of us to shame. Jenn can cook, craft, parent and she writes about it almost every day. Geez. I can only do one thing at a time. Damn her.

While there are a dozen more blogs from gals here in KC that deserve a shout out, I need to give a  yee-ha to a couple of my childhood friends who’ve taken the leap from the Midwest to the South. Yes, I realize I will be over six blogs but I am an over achiever so…

Robin, Robin’s Bite.  She’s healthy as hell but she still let’s a little Duncan Hines in her life. When I read Robin’s blog, I realize how much she helps people every single day. A registered dietitian, foodie and mom to a toddler, I am constantly wowed at how she can educate me about my crappy food choices and make me not feel guilty. She’s mastered her craft.

Stephanie, Just My Current Perspective. I found myself reunited with my childhood friend as her dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. I’ve been blessed to read about their family’s  journey via her blog. Most people don’t have the balls to talk about illness. Period. Stephanie has shared her devastating journey through all phases of grief with the world. She has my heart and I bow down to her courage, strength and ability to tell the truth.

Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to a woman I’ve never met but that I know well. She’s the bitch in my neighborhood who I’d like to be.

Snarky, Snarky in the Suburbs. If only I didn’t blog as myself. I’d be able to write about all the cool (and uncool) shit around me . I’d be able to mock you all. And, you’d never know. Oh well.

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