Bye bye grade school!

It’s been nearly six years since I took Rosie to kindergarten. She was in her best dress, red hair pinned back with a bow and blue eyes as big as saucers. Despite the fact that she had been in preschool (and did one year of private kindergarten as we missed the cut off) she was a little timid.

Look at that bright smile and all those baby teeth!

Rosie loved her new school and her teacher was amazing. Still she spent most of that year still hiding behind my legs. And, there was absolutely no way that she’d ever let me drop her off in front of school- the idea terrified her.

Six was a tough year for the Rosebud. She was desperately trying to ride her bike (our large motor skills were a little behind) and she watched her friends dance circles around her. Yet, she did everything with a smile and twinkling blue eyes.

Today was the last day of Rosie’s career (last night was her Fifth Grade Promotion which I missed because of a business trip. This has caused me an incredible case of mommy guilt. And, yes, I do know that it was only fifth grade, but I really try hard to be present for my child at all times). My baby will be moving on to middle school next year. Boy, it’s been a fast six years. Too fast.

The child that I took to kindergarten is so dramatically different from the tween that’s emerging from grade school. Once painfully shy, Rosie has become an outgoing child that can navigate any social situation. I am constantly amazed at her manners and her ability to have a quality conversation with people of all ages.

Once awkward and a little uncoordinated, dance (and her determination) have made her athletic and graceful. I have to confess, I get a little teary every time I see her perform as it took us nine years to just get caught up. What a pleasure to see her excel.

The timid child has been replaced by a fighter. There’s nothing that Rosie can’t do. She’s secure, confident and quite frankly amazing. She works hard and has no fear. I love that about her.

Congrats to my little girl. While I’m sad to see a chapter of childhood close, I look forward to the adventures that lie ahead (and yes, I know there will be some good, bad and ugly). It will be so much fun!

She’s still a lover of turquoise even though she’s growing up. Look how much fun she’s become

About debcb

All Deb wanted to do was work, until she had Rosie. For the past decade, she's juggled a full-time career, high-profile volunteer work and mommyhood.

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