See ya later ugly conservative clothes!

A couple months ago I went from the straight-laced financial professional world back into the creative anything-goes advertising world. And, I did what any woman sick and tired of stodgy dress clothes would do. I purged my closet. I promised all of you a peek of what was going away and then I got crazy busy. But, I’m a woman that keeps my word. Here are some of the lovely threads that have found their way to a charity near you. (DISCLAIMER: the opinions that follow are only mine and probably don’t really count. So, if you have some of these clothes in your closet, I’m sure they look lovely on you. I just needed to make a change).

This lovely Nordstrom shirt was ready for anything the business world could throw my way. Wrinkle-free it never showed signs of a tough day.

Too bad it was blue (remember, I planned to ban everything navy) and button down and BORING. Bye, bye blue boy shirt.  

I felt much better when I tossed it into the bag. No longer would I wear clothes that were confining and boring. I’d be hip and cool.

There was just one small problem. This shirt had friends. Lots of them.

Inside my closet was an entire colony of button-down boring shirts. In all kinds of styles. The longer I worked for the man, I kept trying to dress like one with a touch of feminine flair.

Think about it- pink Ralph Lauren shirt with white strips and collar. Ick. And, how about the shirt in the back that made me look like a candy cane?

 They all had to go (much to the horror of my hubby who thought they were great clothes and I’d wear them again sometime. Little did he know the suits were on the chopping block next).

There was probably nothing wrong with this suit. It had cute piping, a slender skirt and was a nice departure from stodgy with three-quarter sleeves.

There was one slight problem. Okay two.

First, it was a suit and unless someone died or I had to meet with the president of Hallmark, I wasn’t planning on wearing one ever gain.

Second, it was navy. Enough said.

This suit I wore to a New York Life semi-formal event. It’s black with polka dots and at the time was quite pretty.

That was a lifetime ago.

The bows and shiny satin stuff were enough to throw me over the edge.

Plus, the next time I have a dressy event, I’m going to rock it in a black number that requires Spanx and a lot of jewelry.

This one I threw in the bag without hesitation (and I’m sharing with you to mock my clothing taste). It’s plaid.

Who actually wears plaid besides Catholic school girls?

Not me (and I can’t believe I even wore this hot mess.)

So…there you have it. A little sneaky, peaky into the world that was my wardrobe. This, my friends, was just a small representation what I wore in the insurance world. There were so many other, more scary outfits that I got rid of before I had the clever idea to make fun of me, my clothes (and the industry I was in). Now confess, what’s the ugliest thing in your closet?

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All Deb wanted to do was work, until she had Rosie. For the past decade, she's juggled a full-time career, high-profile volunteer work and mommyhood.

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