It’s Swinter!

Today I started sweating profusely while driving to the mall. Once I was certain it wasn’t a hot flash (in my defense my dad was turning a shade of crimson and my daughter had a dewy glow), I cranked the AC. At a stoplight I flipped out my phone to see that it was 60 degrees. Insane! In Kansas City in January?

Last year at this time, it was below zero and over twenty inches of snow had fallen (before you get images of us having to create tunnels in the snow to get out of our homes it snowed and then it melted a couple of times so it wasn’t really that tall). It was bitterly cold. Rosie didn’t want to go outside to sled and our poor dog Macallan only went out if he could no longer hold his bladder and he went on the deck. Smart guy.

This year, we’ve had under half an inch. Since I grew up in Illinois and would wait for the bus in four foot high drifts, I don’t even think that a quarter of an inch counts as real snow. It’s more of a dusting. However, after last year’s winter and the one before where we had a full blown blizzard on Christmas, I really could care less if we have any snow at all. And, since this part of the country is notorious for ice storms, I’ll pass on one of those too. I am perfectly content to hover anywhere above freezing.

However, my child is not.

Rosie came home from school the other day with big plans. She was going to make sure that there was plenty of snow. She had a plan.

“Be sure to put spoon under my pillow tonight,” she said. ‘That way it will snow.”

So we tried. And, we got under an inch. Maybe we should have used a big slotted spoon instead of a teaspoon.

The next day bigger flakes started to fall as we drove to school.

‘This is it!” she screamed. “If it keeps up, we’ll have a snow day tomorrow!”

The moment I pulled out of the parking lot it ceased. I knew she’d be heartbroken but quite frankly, I was overjoyed. I’ve had plenty of snow in my life, thank you. I’m content with the weather.

However, I am stunned by it. I keep waiting for the forecast to turn and the Big Blizzard of 2011 to roll in. We’ll have a week of snow days, spend outrageous amounts of money on our gas bill and have chapped cheeks.

I keep thinking maybe tomorrow is the day as the temperature will drop 30 degrees. But, alas, the weekend looks like it will be back in the 60’s. So I think we may be stuck with the mild weather.

If so, we’ll only have one choice.

Parents, remember the Phineas and Ferb episode where they made winter in the middle of Summer and called it Swinter (or Wummer)? If you live here in KC, we may have only one chance to save winter for our kids. Go buy a snowcone machine and let’s make a pact. If we still have no snow by Valentine’s, let’s make Swinter. You in?


About debcb

All Deb wanted to do was work, until she had Rosie. For the past decade, she's juggled a full-time career, high-profile volunteer work and mommyhood.


  1. As long as it melts by the end of the day I’ll tolerate the snow, but I’m with you- 60 degrees in January is fine by me! I’ll go in on the snow cone machine if we get strawberry syrup. 🙂

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