Help! I’m a holiday hoarder!

A couple of weeks ago I joked on Facebook that I had way to much wrap and might need a twelve step program. I had gone down to the basement looking for a gift bag and found an entire tub of bags, bows and paper that I didn’t know existed. It was bad.

This week, I discovered it was worse than I originally thought.

This was just the beginning....

In a bold and crazy move, I decided to eat my frog and organize the entire mess. I figured it would take me an hour or so to sort through it all. Boy was I wrong.

I’ve known for years that I have an after-holiday shopping problem. If it’s the day after Christmas (and in the Midwest it’s always that day because the Chanuka stuff doesn’t go on sale until then either) and it’s 75% off, I buy it. I don’t like to pay a premium for my wrap. So every year, I’ve stocked up after the holidays so I can get the best deal.

Then there’s been the need for three sets of paper and bags. The first is for Chanuka- blue and pretty with stars. Then there’s the regular Christmas finery and bows. And, then finally, what I like to call the Santa paper- it’s all child oriented and segregated from the rest as Rosie must  never suspect that Santa is not real (for those of you who missed my last blog, I blew the big secret and you can read it here.) Basically, I had holiday stuff all over the place.

Once I started digging in, I realized that my holiday hoarding problem was worse than I thought (especially since I found an entire cache of Santa paper behind a bunch of wine in storage). I not only had half an aisle of holiday cheer from Target in my basement, I had kept every bag from every birthday party and the tissue paper as well. It was time to pitch.

Parting is such sweet sorrow

It took well over an hour. Although it was painful, if it was crunched or squashed in any way, I forced myself to throw it into the garbage. I also parted with anything that was deemed to babyish or occasion specific (who did I really know that would turn 70 soon?) The result? An entire contractor’s grade can filled to the brim.

All of the bags were sorted into a tub with the tissue paper nearby (wish I had known how much of that stuff I had. I think I’ve bought new tissue for almost every gift the past decade when in reality, I could probably decoupage  one of my bathrooms). The paper all found it’s place in it’s own tub (when I hit 40 rolls I stopped counting). And, then there were the bows.

Yes, you are correct. That's an entire bucket of bows

There must have been bows and ribbon stored in a dozen locations. I found some in tubs, some in drawers and some just hanging out in bags. Needless to say, I won’t need to shop for any soon as I’ve been both buying and recycling them at the same time.

So, guess where you won’t find me on Monday? At Target, trying to get the best deal. After “shopping” in my basement, it’s safe to say that I’m probably set on wrap for at least half a decade (or until a cute kid comes selling wrap for a fundraiser. I’m a sucker for that Innisbrook stuff).

About debcb

All Deb wanted to do was work, until she had Rosie. For the past decade, she's juggled a full-time career, high-profile volunteer work and mommyhood.


  1. Looks familiar, and your timeline is about right. I’ve been working through my “back stock” for about 5 years now. 🙂

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