I can’t stay away from the Casey Anthony trial anymore

I like to get caught up on the news in the morning and have fallen into the habit of listening to CNN while I drive to appointments. Lately my routine has been interrupted by the coverage of the Casey Anthony trial. In the beginning, I wasn’t interested and found myself somewhat appalled.

As jury selection began, I found it easy to switch to Fox News and ignore the entire mess. I was glad that I didn’t live in the state of Florida because I knew in my heart that there’s no way I could serve on that jury. I wondered how they’d find an entire panel of jurors and alternates that could swear they’d be impartial and agree to not speak about it for the length of the trial. I knew I couldn’t.

I didn’t pay much attention to the Casey Anthony press leading up to the trial, but just from the little bit that I saw and heard I had come to a conclusion. I think Casey Anthony is guilty as hell. I realize that our judicial system is set up to be “innocent, until proven guilty” but I’ve had a hard time not forming an opinion with this case. As a mother, I’m appalled and disgusted. Who would kill their child?

The first week of testimony, I successfully turned CNN off. It was depressing. Who’d want to listen to the tales of a child that disappeared for over a month and “mysteriously” wound up dead? I certainly didn’t. But then the defense began their side of the story and now I can’t resist.

According to this week’s People Magazine (which I had to read because it claimed that Brad and Angelina were getting married- Whatever!), the defense claims that Caylee drown in the pool. She was found by a lawn guy. And, the latest is that Casey Anthony is a brilliant liar because she was abused by her father, George and has had to keep secrets all this time. For real?

This morning, I listened to the tapes of George and Casey from three years ago when she was in jail. He was tender and loving. She sobbed and told him what a good dad he was. She didn’t sound like an abuse victim; there was no fear in her voice and nothing in the interaction that would infer anything other than appropriate parent/child relationship.

I think it’s sad that the defense is taking the abuse tack. But what strikes me as even more tragic, is that by every account it appeared that Casey Anthony loved her child. While I think she’s guilty, I don’t see how she could harm her own flesh and blood. And, I see no reason for her to cover up the death of her child if it was an accident. I also think she’s a brilliant liar.

I confess that I can’t ignore the trial any longer. I’m interested now. I can’t wait to hear what the prosecution has to say. How about you?

About debcb

All Deb wanted to do was work, until she had Rosie. For the past decade, she's juggled a full-time career, high-profile volunteer work and mommyhood.


  1. Mr. Valentine says:

    Casey Anthony is a cold hearted person who doesnt care for nobody but herself. The lack of emotion and remorse just eats me up. She just sits there like why am i here. When they speak on Cally its like she doesnt even f…ing care. I wish they let her heartless ass rot in jail. Some people should not have kids.

  2. Yes i watch it a lot. i dont watch every day but whenever i get the chance i record on my tivo Prime News (hln).I so think she’s guilty. first they claimed it was a nanny that saw her last now they changed the story to “accidental drowning” story. I mean c’mon. Who would believe it? if you change your story it doesnt sound believeable. And not reporting her missing for a month is definitely suspicious. and the stench in the trunk also shows that she is guilty.

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