Yep Casey Anthony, I think you’re sick

My Casey Anthony trial addiction continues as I’m waiting with bated breath for the jurors to find her guilty (I have Sirius satellite radio to thank for this and would like to give them a shout out. Before the trial I just listened to news in my car. Now I listen intently to all the details of the trial. I am hooked.)

When the jurors were dismissed on Saturday, I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that there was a deal brewing. I’d like to see a jury of my peers make the decision. And, I hope that they all lied to get on the jury in the first place and actually did pay attention to the media before the trial. I, like many other mothers, would like to see justice for Caylee Anthony. She didn’t deserve to die.

I was completely amazed this morning to find out that the courtroom delay was to see if Casey Anthony was fit to stand trial. A few days away from closing arguments and the defense wants to play the insanity card. Like Casey all of a sudden doesn’t understand why she’s there? For real?

Casey, I do think you are one sick puppy. Whether your child drowned in a pool or you covered her mouth in duct tape and took away her last breath, you are not innocent. You committed a crime. And, it was demented and terribly sad. But I’ve been listening pretty closely (the bonus of having a career where I spend a lot of time in the car).

You’re angry and your emotions are all over the place. Many of your reactions are inappropriate and don’t mesh with how a “sane” person would react. I do think you are a sociopath. But, I don’t think you are incompetent to stand trial. And, neither did three experts and a judge. Nice try.


Why are men so “tough” when they’re sick?

My hubby is sick. I’ve seen it coming for a couple of weeks. Started out as allergies with the sniffling, sneezing, snorting thing and then progressed to a mild upper-respiratory something-or-other.

Last night he was up all night coughing and hacking. He kept doing that thing you do when you continuously try to clear your throat when there’s nothing there. He was miserable.

This morning I gently reminded him that it may not be allergies when I announced, “You’re sick.” Period. Then I urged him to go to the walk-on clinic at the doctor (which is a concierge practice in the first place. If he calls, they get him in). And, since I knew I did my wifely duties, I left him alone.

Guess what he’s not doing? Going to the doctor. Why you may ask? Because he’s a man.

If a woman felt like he did, she’d high-tail it to the doctor so fast you’d smell the rubber as her tires peeled out of the driveway. She’d take the prescribed medicine and even follow all the doctor’s directions. Why? Because she HAS to. Women don’t have time to be sick.

We have to work, drive carpools and run charity events. There’s always an emergency or something to bake or a skinned knee that needs to be loved. We don’t have time to let illness get us down. We have to run the world.

Men, however, try so hard to be strong and tough that they wait until their bodies have completely broken down before they even confess that they may be sick. By then, it’s too late. They are close to death’s door (or at least they think they are) and then they crawl into bed for a day or so and act like babies. Having a sick man around is like having another child.

So, I see what’s coming. My hubby will continue to suffer until he can breathe no more. This weekend will be filled with tissues, phlegm and a hacking cough. I hope by then he’ll break down and hit the urgent care. Until then, I hope he enjoys his stay in our lovely extra bedroom. I’m busy running the world and need my rest.

Ladies, how tough are your husbands?

Hey Casey Anthony, you’re not that smart

I’m still riveted by the Casey Anthony trial. I think she’s a brilliant liar and sociopath. Yes, I know that she got visibly sick last week at the pictures of Caylee’s remains. But, I think it’s because she’s guilty. I also think this could have had a different ending.

Somewhere in Florida live a hardworking husband and devoted wife that fell in love in college. They live in a modest home in a middle class neighborhood, tithe at their church and have a vast network of friends. He likes to golf, she likes to garden and together they like to drive to the beach and talk long walks on the shore. But, something’s missing.

For years, they’ve tried to have a child of their own. They’ve spent thousands of dollars on fertility treatment to no avail and have just enough money left for a private adoption. They’ve been on a list for a couple of years and patiently wait their turn.

They don’t care if it’s a newborn. They just want a happy, healthy child to complete their lives. They have so much love and time to give and can’t wait to have a family. They wait and pray and yearn for the chance to have a child. There are hundreds of families, just in state of Florida, just like them.

If Casey Anthony wanted to be free and party she had a number of options. If she were smart, adoption would have been at the top of her list (and it would’ve kept her out of the courtroom and potentially death row). But, that’s not the choice she made.

Caylee Anthony didn’t go to a loving family. Instead, her body was discarded in a field near her grandparents home. Her mouth was covered with duct tape. What a tragedy and a shame.

What are your thoughts now that the prosecution’s about to rest?

Bye-bye Build-A-Bear

Between my three email accounts, I get a lot of spam. So much so that a couple of years ago, I created a completely new email and diverted all my correspondence to the new account. I kept the old one though and still use it when I’m asked for an email at a store.

Today I logged on and there were 438 emails calling my name. And, I didn’t have time to weed through them to find the one email I needed. Frustrated, I decided to go ahead an unsubscribe to a number of lists that I’ve been on for a while. There was no reason to have to continuously hit delete every time I logged on. But it was a little more difficult than I thought.

My daughter Rosie will be eleven at the end of the summer. My email was filled with her childhood and all the things we’ve outgrown. It was the first time it’s hit me that she truly is a tween and we’re closer to her leaving our home then when she came into the world.

Some of the decisions to unsubscribe were easy. We could no longer fit into clothes at Gymboree so it was time to say goodbye (reluctantly I might add. Such cute, well-made clothes). Soon to follow were Crazy 8 and The Children’s Place. I got rid of anything having to do with early childhood, reading lists and craft newsletters. I also trashed Barbie and fairies. We were over them.

In an hours time, I had erased all evidence in my email account of my child’s early life. Every time I hit the unsubscribe button, I felt a little bit of sorrow. Even though it was time to clean up the account, there was one store that still remained that I needed to delete.

Build-a-bear was the hottest ticket in town when we were three and stayed so until last year. Even though we still peer into the window, Rosie’s given away many of her bears and is getting ready to say goodbye. So, I decided it was time for me to as well. I hit unsubscribe.

Bye-bye Build-A Bear. It’s time for us to move on. And, actually, I’m excited to see what our next decade brings.

I can’t stay away from the Casey Anthony trial anymore

I like to get caught up on the news in the morning and have fallen into the habit of listening to CNN while I drive to appointments. Lately my routine has been interrupted by the coverage of the Casey Anthony trial. In the beginning, I wasn’t interested and found myself somewhat appalled.

As jury selection began, I found it easy to switch to Fox News and ignore the entire mess. I was glad that I didn’t live in the state of Florida because I knew in my heart that there’s no way I could serve on that jury. I wondered how they’d find an entire panel of jurors and alternates that could swear they’d be impartial and agree to not speak about it for the length of the trial. I knew I couldn’t.

I didn’t pay much attention to the Casey Anthony press leading up to the trial, but just from the little bit that I saw and heard I had come to a conclusion. I think Casey Anthony is guilty as hell. I realize that our judicial system is set up to be “innocent, until proven guilty” but I’ve had a hard time not forming an opinion with this case. As a mother, I’m appalled and disgusted. Who would kill their child?

The first week of testimony, I successfully turned CNN off. It was depressing. Who’d want to listen to the tales of a child that disappeared for over a month and “mysteriously” wound up dead? I certainly didn’t. But then the defense began their side of the story and now I can’t resist.

According to this week’s People Magazine (which I had to read because it claimed that Brad and Angelina were getting married- Whatever!), the defense claims that Caylee drown in the pool. She was found by a lawn guy. And, the latest is that Casey Anthony is a brilliant liar because she was abused by her father, George and has had to keep secrets all this time. For real?

This morning, I listened to the tapes of George and Casey from three years ago when she was in jail. He was tender and loving. She sobbed and told him what a good dad he was. She didn’t sound like an abuse victim; there was no fear in her voice and nothing in the interaction that would infer anything other than appropriate parent/child relationship.

I think it’s sad that the defense is taking the abuse tack. But what strikes me as even more tragic, is that by every account it appeared that Casey Anthony loved her child. While I think she’s guilty, I don’t see how she could harm her own flesh and blood. And, I see no reason for her to cover up the death of her child if it was an accident. I also think she’s a brilliant liar.

I confess that I can’t ignore the trial any longer. I’m interested now. I can’t wait to hear what the prosecution has to say. How about you?

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