I will not hover, I will not hover…

I resist the urge to jump in the helicopter

A couple of years ago on a mom site far, far away, I learned a new term for the over-attentive parent. Since I never read Love and Logic, the concept of a helicopter parent was completely foreign to me. Although I do have to admit, I’ve seen some of them hovering around for years.

I’ve tried my best to not hover. To not be that mom that’s always in the middle of my kid’s problems. I think that children need to acquire problem solving skills to function in life. However, this week I’ve been half-tempted to hover.

Yesterday, there was a misunderstanding about two identical Easter Eggs in class. It seems that both Rosie and another friend have the same egg and only one egg was to be found at school. Rosie thought it was hers. The other girl thought it was hers. So an argument began.

Teachers intervened to find out what happened. And, Rosie was honest. She admitted that she may have made a mistake. She said that she didn’t care about the egg and the other girl could have it. She wanted the situation to go away.

Unfortunately, her friend didn’t. She wanted to fight. And, she called Rosie one of the most offensive things you could ever call another little girl- a liar. Rosie was in tears.

Last night Rosie revealed that she and the other girl have to meet with teachers today to get to the bottom of it. She begged me to email her teacher and tell her that “she didn’t care about the egg and the other girl could have it.” As Kelly and I wiped away her tears she sobbed that “she wanted it to go away” over and over.

It took all my strength to tell her no. I wouldn’t step in and email her teacher. She needed to work through the problem herself and if that meant sitting down and telling the truth, then so be it.

Childhood is painful and this experience will be one of those life lessons filled with tears for Rosie. But, parenting is painful as well. It would have been so much easier for me to step in, send the email and try to resolve the issue. But, I knew I couldn’t. This is Rosie’s problem to solve.

Moms, what hard decisions have you made in order to teach your child a lesson?

About debcb

All Deb wanted to do was work, until she had Rosie. For the past decade, she's juggled a full-time career, high-profile volunteer work and mommyhood.


  1. Gwyn Hunley says:

    Religious vs. Societal.
    >>What you wear identifies you in a society at large and has consequences, good, bad.
    >>Your clothing can become a billboard size bumper sticker. Also your body, hair to toe.
    >>Knowledge, understanding, and comprehension are not the same thing.
    >>Stupidity is classless.
    >>Ignorance something to overcome and rise above.
    >>Religion is not Faith. Faith is personal. Religion is a unionization of like-minded faiths.

    And that was yesterday. In his 25th year. 🙂

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