The Art of Procrastination

A nice diversion that's a little addicting

I am a master procrastinator. It’s my Achilles heel. I can put off a task for days on end, finding better things to do with my time (most of them things I’ve blown off in the past and am now tackling to make sure I don’t have to do the one thing I’m trying to avoid).

Right now, I’m not studying for a test. I know I need to and my logical side keeps reminding me about this particular exam’s high failure rate, but my emotional side doesn’t care. It wants to have fun.

Today, I allowed myself to get sucked into an hour of Chuzzle (which I’ve never played before, but it’s quite fun. Especially when you’re putting off the torture of taking practice tests on the computer.) After I won once, I swore I’d log off, but then I had to beat my high score.

Next, it was the treadmill. My justification for this little diversion was that exercise is good for the mind. Forty-five minutes later, I found myself mesmerized by the ice skating I was watching and sat down to stretch. Needless to say I lost a little track of time.

I’d be ready to study after I cleaned up. But first, I thought I’d indulge in an exfoliating face mask and eyebrow tweeze. I spent some time searching for a new razor blade (which forced me to clean out the cabinet), took a long hot shower and spent a half hour blowing my hair straight.

I can honestly say I’ve lost half the day. And, here I am blogging. Procrastinating some more.

I’ve been a procrastinator for most of my life. I actually think I’ve mastered the art. It takes a lot of practice to blow things off for days (and sometimes months at time. Just ask my CPA. I don’t get scared until October rolls around).

That’s how I control my procrastination. When there’s a deadline looming in the future, I force myself to get motivated. So, I deadline myself all the time on basic tasks that I don’t want to do.

The problem with studying is I haven’t set the date for the test. I’ve thought about it lots (especially when I was moving the week-long class forward in my schedule because I “just didn’t have time.”) and I know I need to commit. But, once I do, then I’ll have to study. And, I just don’t want to…today.

So, tomorrow’s the day. I’ll go online and set the dreaded date. Then I’ll be motivated to study.

But now, I’m going to pay some bills, check in with my Facebook friends and possibly clean out my closet. Then I’m going to have a snack and play another game of Chuzzle. I’m going to enjoy procrastinating a little longer.

About debcb

All Deb wanted to do was work, until she had Rosie. For the past decade, she's juggled a full-time career, high-profile volunteer work and mommyhood.


  1. Oh my, Deb, as I was reading, I thought to myself, “When did I write this?”. All my life I have said I work better under pressure, near a deadline. That’s probably because I only start the project at the last minute.
    Thanks for being honest!
    Anna McConnell

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